Sunday, August 8, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 8: "Opposites Attract"

Episode 8: Opposites Attract
Bravo TV Aired: July 28, 2010
The artists are paired and must create works about opposing forces: Heaven and Hell, Male and Female, Order and Chaos. New York artist notorious for his graphic paintings, Ryan McGinnes, sits on the judging panel.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation: For this episode we are asking our team members to make a piece that depicts both opposing forces, pick one of the three pairings! And below are the pieces they came up with!
Stacey Hansen / Wildflower Designs
Stacey says, "this week i had a hard time deciding which one to select.
i first planned to make a silly pair of male/female earrings, but then opted for heaven/hell.
since i am not watching the show, i am not sure exactly how to interpret the pairs. i pierced angel wings and halo vs devil tail and horns on the back of the pendant. i wanted to illustrate the black and white thinking of many. the stone featured in the front of the pendant much more describes my actual afterlife beliefs. it is black and white (light and dark) but also has sprinkles of the opposite colors within each larger block. i do not believe there is a one size fits all heaven and hell option that we will face after our death.
so, there it is in a nut shell. the pendant will be part of a necklace, but i couldn't decide on the chain and bead options so this is the almost finished product."

Next weeks Episode 9: "Natural Talents"
The remaining four artists head out of bustling New York City to the quiet refuge of a nature preserve. Here, they are invited to draw inspiration from their surroundings – exploring the landscape and gathering natural materials to incorporate into their piece.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation: This week we are asking our members to take a natural element and either use it for inspiration or physically use it in a piece of jewelry!

Please check on back to see what is created for Episode 9!
Scheduled to be posted on Thursday, August 12th!
(view eppie 9 video here)

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