Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charm Swap 6

A reminder for what is Charm Swap 6 (CS6).
Etsymetal street team is making twice a year project called Charm swap. twenty members are making 22 charms each - one for each swap member and one to be sold in the EtsyMetal shop along with a Necklace (that can be a bracelet) that features all of the charms. Sales from this swap will go to a charitable arts organization, yet to be determined. 

This week we have 2 new entries for CS6.

Kathy: "here is a teaser. I'm just beginning designing, cutting paper and making little models."

It's going to be gorgeous !!!! 


L. Sue Szabo is giving us the whole process of her gorgeous charms....

The Pattern sheet

"I then made the half heart pieces, filed the angles to meet and soldered them together."

"Woo ooh! that part's done."

"Then I sanded them flat and soldered them down to the backplate (the photoetched piece)."


"Then they were all cut out. they have since been filed and jump rings soldered on. will post more pictures later- still have final clean up and resin with sanding and patina to do. So far, so good. "

Isn't it exciting ? I can't wait to see what we are going to see on the next few weeks !!! 

1 comment:

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Wow! How cool! I never would have looked at that sheet and thought to do that...great job!! :)

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