Monday, August 16, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 8: "Natural Talents"

Episode 9: "Natural Talents"

Bravo TV Aired: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
The remaining four artists head out of bustling New York City to the quiet refuge of a nature preserve. Here, they are invited to draw inspiration from their surroundings – exploring the landscape and gathering natural materials to incorporate into their piece.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation: This week we are asking our members to take a natural element and either use it for inspiration or physically use it in a piece of jewelry!

Stacey says, "this weeks challenge revolved around natural elements. i felt this was a little unfair because i tend to use flowers/leaves and natural stones in many of my pieces. so, i opted to take the challenge another direction. i have been riding bikes with my 6 year old almost daily and we have been passing a pile of shattered glass. without fail, i find myself looking again and again and the reflections and pale teal color. i made some of my flowers and bezel set some of this shattered glass. it feels right, a little urban secret that most will not recognize as shattered glass."

Kira says, "I found this limpet shell while walking on the beach. I liked the way the shell was naturally smoothed and worn by the ocean and the sand."

Victoria says, "I am always inspired by the ocean and the beauty of its otherworldy mysteries. This particular muscle shell was my dinner last week, it was very very delicous, and the inside had a wonderful luminescence I tried to capture on the back side view of this piece. I filled the interior with Resin to transform the otherwise fragile shell into solidity and strength. This piece is fabricated out of Sterling Silver, Resin, Shell, Pearl and Labradorite."

Inbar says, "Sterling silver, Yellow gold, Labradorite, antler" 

Tomi says, "This ring began as something quite different. The lovely Kathryn Cole sent me some tarballs that she collected from the Florida coast. One was a perfect crescent shape, and I planned to set it beside the urchin - unfortunately it crumbled as I placed it into the setting. So I cut a piece of wood and added some copper inlay and a tung oil finish. The urchin was a gift from the wonderful Laurie Brown."

We have decided not to do a grande finale,
 so this will be our last entry for this first season of Bravo TV's Work of Art.
It was great fun! Thank you team for participating with your fabulous pieces, and thank you to our readers!

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