Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Members: Katrina's Jewel, Lively Hood, and Reagan Hayhurst

Katrina's Jewel

welcome to new member Katrina's Jewel!....Katrina tells us that:
"I assemble and fuse all my own cabochons, and make all my own lampwork beads. I also do all the fabrication and finishing for every piece I create. Each piece is really a labor of love; no two pieces are ever exactly the same. My favorite part of the creative process is the actual fabrication of the piece. I love to solder, saw, hammer and create beauty from raw materials. Seeing others enjoying my pieces isn’t too bad either! I am a huge animal lover and have 2 dogs (Mirko and Lady) an iguana (Rodney) and a turtle (Michelle). I love to hike with my dogs, and spend time outdoors."
Like all the other new EM members, I am sure Katrina will be a lovely new additon to the group. You can see more of her work here:

Lively Hood
Welcome to new member Tonya, of Lively Hood jewelry! In her own words, Tonya's philosophy is:
"I believe that what we do with our time needs to be gentle on the earth, beautiful, and crafted with our hearts and hands. My work needs to allow me to continue to live simply and to feel nourished by it.

The passion to make jewelry did not start with the metalwork. First a rock hound, I am finally tapping into my stash of treasures to cut and polish each stone as its personality guides me. Working with metals allow me to hold and enhance these stones, to create precious one-of-a-kind pieces. My work is both exquisitely simple and always delightfully surprising."
I am sure you will agree! If you would like to explore more of Tonya's work you can find it at:

Reagan Hayhurst
Welcome new member, Reagan day, a skin care therapist, and by other times, well, I shall let her tell you herself:
"I have been apprenticing for the past 10 years with a Nun, and yes, you read that correctly. We have become very good friends and I attribute her, with my discovery of my artistic self. I always knew it was there, I just hadn't discovered it until I took one of her workshops. I learned Lost wax casting from her. Thus beginning the insatiable thirst for all things metal. What I learned along the way is that with anything in life, I will be studying the rest of my life. Working with metal has become my passion.
Plus, I once read that metalsmiths are pyromaniacs with direction and I find this to be very accurate.

One thing I do know, is that life is good. If it isn't, find what you love and make it good. Even if it takes a long time, it is worth the struggle and the wait."
Great advice, Reagan!...if you would like to explore more of Reagan's work, you can find it at:

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Patricia Wood said...

oooOOOooo... Gorgeous designs! Very nice additions to your team, congrats!

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