Thursday, February 18, 2010

more rings for Haiti!

Metalriot's fantastic fundraiser for Haiti is still going strong and has raised close to $1200 so far, which is amazing. You can visit the ebay page where they are available to bid on (or buy outright with "buy it now") here and check out those rings that have already been sold and that will be coming up on her blog.

Rings from the Etsymetal team that are ending soon are this beautiful peanut ring from Laurie Brown (aubergine228 on Etsy), fabricated from a handcast tiny peanut in sterling silver, which end on Feb 19, 16:30:40 PST:


as well as Blindspot Jewellery's amazing forged iron and 18 carat gold ring, made from scratch from a piece of square iron tube, ending Feb 20, 16:30:40 PST:


Metalriot's own Ring for Haiti is also available with buy it now, here and is well worth drooling over:


All of the proceeds from all of the auctions go to help Haiti, so please - take a look at some really wonderful work available for a very important cause. We will keep you posted about upcoming auctions on the blog!

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