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ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 7.4 "Design Your Heart Out!"

WELCOME to the reveal of last weeks' Episode 3
Metropolitan Museum of Art entries!
Below are our eleven EtsyMetal Tea
m entries.
Last weeks' TV challenge was all about The Metropolitan Museum of Art, so we asked the designers to make a piece of jewelry using one piece from the MET museum as the inspiration, and this is what they came up with!

Mike says, "Brass and spray paint & its reversible."
Mark says, "925 sterling silver, 999 fine silver, 23.5 karat gold, old coin"

3-Nina Dinoff
Nina says, "Sort of took the easy way out on this one. I was going with something else, but in the interest of time I went with this."

Shannon says, "All of the pieces are made with copper and etched enamel. The pendant features a "pinned" sterling bail."

Sara says, "I chose a two-stringed lute for my inspiration piece from the Met's exhibit on Musical instruments from the Pacific Islands collectively called Oceania."

Rachelle says, "sterling silver and pearl, my inspiration was Georgia O'Keeffe - Black Abstraction."

Beth says, "This week's challenge was fantastic. When I was in college I made several bra/bustier pieces and am really inspired by full chest ornamentation. There isn't an easy market for it, so I haven't done much in the past few years. My inspiration piece from the Met [was] created by the Cadora Jewels Corp [and] there's no real information about it.... but it was the first piece I saw when I typed in jewelry and I kn ew that was it!
All fused argentium sterling silver. handmade chain and organic vine cups."

8-Norsola Johnson
Norsola says, "I was immediately struck by how this piece needed to be made fully 3-D... It's almost as though he left a blueprint for someone to do so... I'm pretty pleased with it.. it's a little rough and tumble, but I like it that way, and I think that perhaps Jasper Johns would have as well..."

9-Kira Ferrer
Kira says, "The original spearhead is made of iron and gold. I was impressed by the amazing detail that went into the Tibetan armor made in the 17th century. My earrings are made of sterling and I gave them a matte black finish to resemble iron."
Stacey says, "I wanted to go with clothing since that is what the designers were given. i found this tunic by bonnie cashin. i loved the cool tones and it screamed sgrafitto to me, so that is what i did."

11-Victoria Takahashi
Victoria says, "This piece was inspired/interpreted by an odd little simple object with no name and no description. It was made of Coral and little pillow sachets I believe from what I could see from the photos. I made a sort of talisman charm necklace because I thought the objects were some form of protection because of the sachets.

It is made of Sterling Silver, Copper, Topaz and Coral.

12-Nina Gibson

"OK Designers" this week Episode 4 Challenge:
"Design Your Heart Out"
This is a perfect challenge as it coincides with
Valentines day! Make a piece that has something to do with incorporating hearts in some aspect!

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Maria Apostolou said...

This is the link to my entry for episode 4:

I really enjoy watching the pieces that are inspired from each week 's episode, so I decided to give it a try!

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