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The Next EtsyMetal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Finale Part 1 “Meet the Designers"

But first, Here are our fabulous "seven" EtsyMetal Team entries from last weeks'
"The Getty" challenge!

Last weeks TV challenge was to pull inspiration from “The Getty.”
To find something whether it be the beautiful architecture, the rich gardens, the surreal skyline, and don’t forget all the wondrous treasures that are inside as well! So we took a good look around the infamous Getty and found items that sang to our souls and then we made something fabulous!

For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal has been holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway Season 6 episodes. Every Friday we posted the video snippet of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as shown below)
*This below is the last actual Challenge for this season. But we are not yet quite done.
Starting this Sunday the 15th we will be posting several Interviews a day from the Designers who participated in these challenges as our Season Finale Part 1 EtsyMetal style!
And then on Thursday the 19th we will be revealing our Final Finale Mini-Collections as our Season Finale Part 2! These collections will feature 5 items from each designer.
So please stay tuned ALL week!

Tomi says, “This week's Project Runway challenge is to pull inspiration from The Getty. I chose a piece from the museum's permanent collection, George Minne's marble sculpture Adolescent I, made in 1891. I recreated some of the elements in metal with a modern twist, but I did not attempt to capture the haunting and human feel of Minne's beautiful piece. I love his work.”
Please see Tomi’s Flickr here!

Shannon says, “Torch-fired white enamel disc with sterling daisies "pinned" in place. Disk was set in a fancy bezel and features handmade pinback findings."
My inspiration was a “Unknown Pair of Vases from the Getty Museum”
Chinese porcelain about 1700; French mounts 1722 - 1727 Hard-paste porcelain; silver.”
Please see Shannon’s Flickr here!

#3~ Kathryn Riechert
Kathryn says, “For the record I would like to say this is my current favorite piece (replacing my Happy Necklace).The challenge this week was to create a piece inspired by some of the artwork or architecture of The Getty (a museum in CA). I looked through their website to find my inspiration. Settling on their collection of manuscripts. Most were very old and of religious nature. The styles were often similar in terms of having a block of text surrounded by a very ornate border. One example can be seen here.
I used my tiny stamps to stamp part of Corinthians 13 into the center of this piece. The border is decorated with enameled copper flowers, citrine, rubies, and emeralds.
See Kathryn’s Flickr here!

#4~ Sara Westermark
Sara says, "The first piece is my piece in silver with the Getty Piece on the right.
"Bracelet Unknown Roman," A.D. 300 - 400Gold, glass, and emerald1 1/4 x 2 1/2 to 2 7/8in.83.AM.227.1A heavy gold band elaborated by colored stones and glass forms this massive gold bracelet. The bracelet was made in two pieces, which were then hinged and secured with a pin decorated with green glass. The edges of the gold band are folded outwards at a perpendicular angle, forming a ledge that served to protect the stones. Blue, green, and red glass; emeralds; and now-missing pearls were placed in pairs in simple gold settings around the bracelet. The contrasting colors anticipated the Early Byzantine interest in polychromy. The bracelet was unusually heavy and probably was not very comfortable to wear.The shape of the bracelet is Roman, yet there is something distinctly non-Roman about it. It resembles jewelry made on the edges of the Roman Empire, which merged Roman and native tastes. ”
Please see Sara’s Blog!

#5~ Nina Gibson
Nina says, “I'm lucky enough to live nearby the Getty and I could spend all day there and not see everything. It took me longer than 30 minutes to look through their online collection photos and choose something to work on. I found a group of silver bowls of an unknown artist from the Parthian (modern Iran) made in the 1st or 2nd century AD. I selected the BowlwithLeaf Calyx Medallion as my inspiration for this challenge.
My interpretation of the bowl consists of a sterling silver disk, dapped into a tiny bowl and given a brass filigree medallion of leaves similar to the gold inlayed calyx medallion on my inspiration piece. The tiny bowl becomes a necklace with a tube bale and chain. I gave it a matte finish to reflect the aged silver of the Getty's ancient bowl.”
Please see Nina’s blog here!

#6~ Victoria Takahashi
The piece on the left is my interpretation of The Getty Museums piece called "Disk with a bird." I just found something so simple and beautiful in this object. I definately like it more than my interpretation, but I sure did have fun being inspired by it! It is fabricated Copper and Sterling Silver, it is two 1/4" hollow forms, the wheel turns and the bird swings and its little wings move as well. I am sad that this is technically our last challenge but a bit relieved as well.
But now to get working on my Season Finale Part 1 & 2! It is so exciting, please stay tuned!
Please see more of my EMJC-PR challenges here on my Flickr!

#7~ Rachelle Stromberg “offering”
Rachelle says, “The material are sterling silver, pearls.
Her inspiration is from this
"Unknown Bowl with Cattle and a Vulture."
Please see Rachelle’s Flickr here!

We have ONE lovely new guest entry this week by Kathyn Cole!
Kathryn says, "I was inspired by this photograph of the Lily. It is a photograph by Tina Modotti, Italian, Mexico, 1925, Platinum Print, 9 1/2 x 6 11/16 inch.

It is beautifully simple. I love flowers and seemed like a beautiful flower to try to interpret. It was not as easy as I thought, but it turned out nice.

This week was technically our last challenge. Now we have our Season Finale Parts 1 and 2 coming up!

Season Finale Part 1: This week starting Sunday the 15th, we will be posting several “Meet the Designer Interviews” a day until Thursday the 19th. (we have 9 signed up!)
Season FInale Part 2: In the spirit of the Final Project Runway show, we will be simultaneously posting our collections too that evening on Thursday the 19th.

These Mini Collections will consist of 5 pieces from each designer.

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring & 1 wild card which is the designers choice to make anything!

So please stay tuned all this week to "Meet the Designers" this season and to see our “Mini Collection Finales!”
“Now get to work and make it work!"

We have invited the guests that have participated in some of our challenges to join us in the 2 part Finale with us, so we hope to see them too! If I missed you please just contact us and we will send you the questions :)

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kathryncole said...

Wow! Each entry is so beautiful! I am amazed by every one of them! They are ALL so inspiring!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to join in on this challenge! Kathryn

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