Friday, November 27, 2009

EtsyMetal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6- Part 2: The Season Finale “Mini Collections"

Here are our EIGHT Mini Collections from our Season 6 designers!
Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring & 1 wild card which was the designers choice to make anything!
For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal had been holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that was coinciding with Project Runway Season 6 episodes. Every Friday we posted the video snippet of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge.

So Congratulations designers on your AMAZING collections!
And thank you so much for making this such a fun team activity!
I am sad to see it end but also happy to move on and try all the new ideas that this challenge has conjured up!
Beth Cyr
Athens, Geaorgia, USA.
Etsy shop, Blog & Flicker.

Kathryn Riechert
Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Etsy shop, Website & Flicker.

Thomasin Durgin
Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Etsy shop, Website & Flicker.

Victoria Takahashi
Seattle, Washington, USA.
Etsy shop, Blog & Flicker.

Rachelle Stromberg
Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
Etsy shop, Website & Flicker.

Nina Gibson
Anaheim, California, USA.
Etsy shop, Blog & Flicker.

Sara Westermark
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.
Etsy shop, Blog & Flicker.

Stacey Hansen
Mississippi, USA.
Etsy shop, Blog & Flicker.


Etsy Metal wants to specially thank the "GUEST" designers that popped in for some fun and shared with us some of the beautiful things they made!
Below are the names of those participants!
Tiffany Nelson, JoHollingswrth, Cory Howard, Kathryn Cole,
Dale, Inbar Bareket, & Nathalie Girard

"Now Carry On Designers" and have a happy successful creative holiday season!


Inbar Bareket said...

You have such a great artists in the group!

To tell you the truth - I am looking forward to every post on this blog.

I really like the way this group is handled and challenged.
I would love to be involved with you !

Tiffany Nelson said...

WOW!!!! Everyones work is so beautiful. Looking forward to next year

Muddy Lotus Designs said...

Everyones collections are so stunning. All of the artisits are so talented...Congrats on a compleated season. Happy holidays everyone...

discomedusa said...

wow, lovely collections, all!

vic, i am lusting over your new earrings!


Valerie A. Heck said...

Wow! I love it all!

Ashley said...

Somehow I missed this post until just now. Really wonderful work everyone! I hope I can participate next time!

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