Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 12: "The Getty"

But first, Here are our fabulous "nine" EtsyMetal Team entries
from last weeks'
"Complimentary Look" theme!
Last weeks TV challenge was to …. to create a companion look that compliments and enhances one of their best designs from a previous challenge......So, for our jewelry challenge, you should do exactly the same! Make a "companion piece that compliments and enhances" one of your best designs from a previous season 6 challenge.

For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as shown below)
#1~ Kathryn Riechert “Seascape cuffs”
Companion Look: Seascapes ring/Surfwear Challenge
Kathryn says, “The challenge for last week was to pick one of your favorite previous pieces and create a companion piece to match it.I chose my seascape ring shown here:” I made 3 cuffs, each a little different. The inside of each cuff says, 'imagine...the sand between your toes...the salty, sweet breeze...'The outside of the cuffs has a sandy texture.Cuff one has one seashell on the top.Cuff two has a chrysoprase stone set on the top.Cuff three has two seashells and chalcedony and blue topaz gemstones. See Kathryn’s Flickr here!

#2~ Shannon Conrad “Victorian earrings”
Companion Look: Palm Lined Street necklace/Create a Character Challenge
Shannon says, “These earrings were inspired by the necklace I made for the "Create a Character" challenge. I wanted to make a piece that was an updated version of my Victorian-style necklace. These earrings were hand-cut and fabricated from sterling sheet. They feature fine silver balls, bezel-set garnets, faceted glass dangles and hand-forged earwires.”
Please see Shannon’s Flickr here!

#3~ Nina Gibson “Tall Palm Earrings”
Companion Look: Palm Lined Street necklace/Pick-a-Place Challenge
Nina says, “These Tall Palm Earrings are the companion to last week's Palm Lined Street necklace. These palms are much taller than those in the necklace - they do get super tall, while keeping their skinny trunks - Amazing trees, I think. They don't provide much (if any) shade from the hot sun, but the bushy tips of the trees dot the sky wherever I look.”
Please see Nina’s blog here!

#4~ Victoria Takahashi “Pieces of Earth 2”
Companion Look: Pieces of Earth 1/Pick-a-Place Challenge
When I saw this weeks challenge I was still very excited about last weeks challenge. So I made a feminine version of last weeks more masculine feeling beachstone ring. Since the beginning I have always worked with beachstones and river rocks and the last 2 weeks have given me a refreshing new outlook for my beachstone future. The weekly challenges somehow give me a more spontaneous freedom to make things as well as pushing myself in a new way. I have enjoyed every single one and am grateful for all these exercises.
Please see more of my EMJC-PR challenges here on my Flickr!

#5~ Catherine Chandler “Moonstone Charm Necklace”
Companion Look: necklace/none

#6~ Sara Westermark “Pomegranate on a Long Chain”
Companion Look: Bling earrings/Sparkle Shimmer & Shine Challenge
Sara says, "Sterling Silver and Garnets."
Please see Sara’s Blog!

#7~ Thomasin Durgin “bridal set”
Companion Look: Not your Mothers Pearls/Wedding Theme Challenge
Tomi says, “I chose to work with the bridal wear from episode eight and added two more pearls to the bride's choker, which can be worn with the pendants in any configuration. I also made two simple bridesmaids necklaces, and a pair of matching earrings.”
Please see Tomi’s Flickr here!

#8~ Rachelle Stromberg “ring”
Companion Look: Embrace/Pick-a-Place Challenge
Rachelle says, “sterling silver, white zircon”
Please see Rachelle’s Flickr here!

#9~ Beth Cyr “earrings”
Companion Look: Eclectic Bride/Wedding Challenge
Beth says, “They are fused argentium sterling silver and 14k gold. I like adding a patina to the silver to high light the gold even more.”
To read more please see Beth’s blog here!

We have “one” talented guest designer submission this week!
Jo Hollingsworth "Two Hearts necklace"
Companion Look: Mod Daisy necklace/Create a Character Challenge
Jo says, “I tinkered with a series of Modernist designs, and finally settled for this one - two stylized hearts in sterling silver with a garnet cabochon."
Video Snippet for next weeks 6.12
"Inspiration: The Getty!"

Designers! This weeks TV challenge was to pull inspiration from “The Getty.”
To find something whether it be the beautiful architecture, the rich gardens, the surreal skyline, and don’t forget all the wondrous treasures that are inside as well! So take a good look around the infamous Getty and find something that sings to your soul and make us something fabulous!
“Now Carry On!"
NOTE that this next 6.12 Getty challenge is technically the last challenge.
BUT we will be conducting "Retrospective Interviews" with our team members AND ALSO having a "Final Runway Challenge!"
So please stay tuned!
**guidelines for guest participants:**
Please read this every week as there may be small updates and changes. The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made specifically for the weeks show. Then post your links in this comment area, and cross-post this blog post to your Blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And tag them with "EMJC-PR.” Currently we will post your name with a link and a picture of your piece on our blog. Remember, the deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon,
Pacific Standard Time.
Thank YOU! We can't wait to see what you will come up with!


novadesigns said...

Fabulous pieces! This next challenge sounds really intriguing...

Experimetal said...

I just need to say that the Getty inspired pices are rolling in and they are SO cool! I think the etsymetal members have made some magnificent pieces!
I can't wait to post them tommorow!

This is the last CHallnege of the season, but stay tuned for EtsyMetal team member interviews to be posted all week long and our EtsyMetal Mini Collections which will be the Finale Runway show to be posted Thursday the 19th.

kathryncole said...

Hello! I think this is where I am supposed to post my link to my entry. Here it is:

Thank you so much for allowing guests to participate! This has been an inspiring challenge to see each week!

~Kathryn Cole

Inbar Bareket said...

I just finished my jewelry - and I found out I missed it! I was sure I saw that it's the week of 12/6 - may I post my jewelry? PLEASE !!!!!!
here is the link:



Experimetal said...

hi Inbar, the Getty piece was due on November 12, thursday at 12 noon PST.
I am sorry you did not make it in time to get posted on our blog.

Your piece is very lovely!
I hope you will play with us NEXT season 7.
Typically we make the blogpost and then you have 1 week to post your link to that comment area of that post.
Every blogpost on the bottom you will see the guidelines for the GUEST participants.
Please read every week as they can be updated.

Thank you Inbar!

Experimetal said...

sorry I meant Fridays @ noon.

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