Friday, October 23, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 10: "Pick-a-Place"

But first, Here are our fabulous "eight" EtsyMetal participant entries from last weeks'
"Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine" theme!
LAST week our participants were asked to design and make a piece that was sparkly shimmery and shiny show stopper that was appropriate stage wear bling. Well to simplify this for the jewelry challenge needs, we narrowed it down to simply making a piece that
Sparkled, Shimmered, or/& Shined!
See below for this weeks fabulous entries!

For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as seen below)
#1~ Thomasin DurginBling
Tomi says, “A modern pendant featuring a large, glittering Swarvorski crystal surrounded by a sterling silver oval with a bright, polished surface. As the crystal swings back and forth it catches the light and separates it into tiny rainbows. My friend describes this design as "bling", whatever it is, it certainly took me beyond my comfort zone.” Please see Tomi’s Flickr here!

#2~ Shannon Conrad “Vintage Glass Cocktail Ring”
Shannon says, “Vintage faceted Czech glass has been bezel-set upside down. The ring band was created by soldering two strips of low-dome Sterling Silver wire together and then adding the beaded wire detail. Please see Shannon’s Flickr here!

#3~ Rachelle Stromberg “Sparkle”
Rachelle says, “I wanted something very sparkly so I bezel set a 23.5 x 19.5mm very pale faceted Amethyst in Sterling Silver.” Please see Rachelle’s Flickr here!

#4~ Alisa Miller “necklace"
Alisa says, “I handmade Brass sequins on a Sterling Silver backing.
Please see more on Alisa’s Flickr set!

#5~ Sara Westermark “earrings”
Sara says, "London Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Garnet earrings in oxidized Sterling Silver.
Did I mention that I absolutely love to do tube settings?"
Please see Sara’s Blog!

#5~ Nina Gibson “earrings”
Nina says, “The feathery earrings do have shine. Using the feather motif, I've attached six pieces of hand cut patterned brass feather or leaf shapes to strips of sterling silver as if they were sequins, pinned with a bit of fine silver. They move freely on their pins and catch the light nicely. I am letting them dangle from ear wires so they can swing with the wearer's movement.
Please see Nina’s blog here!

#6~ Beth CyrBling
Beth says, “14k palladium white gold and 4.5mm diamonds set in 18k palladium”
To read more please see Beth’s blog here!

#7~ Stacey Hansen “ring"
Stacey says, “I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine some modern metalwork with my new rose cut gems.This ring was fabricated from scratch and features two green amethyst gems.” Please read more on Stacey’s blog!

#8~ Victoria Takahashi “Vegas Baby!”
"These earrings are made of oxidized, fabricated Sterling Silver and sunshine yellow Cubic Zirconias. They reminded me of a Vegas Showgirls costuming with the giant fans, I also like the art deco feel to these."
Please see more of my EMJC-PR challenges here on my Flickr!

We have “one” sparkling guest designer submission this week!

Cory Howard made a Sterling Silver and faceted Morganite ring!

**guidelines for guest participants:**
Please read this every week as there may be small updates and changes. The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made specifically for the weeks show. Then post your links in this comment area, and cross-post this blog post to your Blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And tag them with "EMJC-PR.” Currently we will post your name with a link and a picture of your piece on our blog. Remember, the deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.
Thank YOU! We can't wait to see what you will come up with!

Video Snippet for next weeks 6.10
"Pick-a-Place!" challenge!

Designers! This weeks TV challenge was to make a piece of jewelry that was inspired by one of Michael Kors favorite places....

BUT, for our jewelry challenge, you should use one of YOUR personal favorite places for your inspiration. I think this will open our creative doors and the love of making even wider! And please share a picture of your place if you have one!

So "Pick-a-Place and Carry On!"


Cynthia Del Giudice said...

Stacey, I love your ring!

Experimetal said...

Can I add that if you have a picture of your favorite place to add with your piece, that would be just loveley :)))))
thank you!

Corybethy said...

HEy! Wasn't sure if this was the right place to add my entry for this weeks challenge but here goes any way =)

Experimetal said...

yes it is Cory! I think you are the only guest this week!?

I want to remind everyone that anyone is welcome to play.
PLease read blogpost for the guest submission guidelines :)

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