Friday, October 9, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 8: "Wedding"

But first, Here are our fabulous "eleven" EtsyMetal participant entries from last weeks'"Blue" theme! LAST week our participants were asked to design and make something Blue!
And if so inclined they could make 2 pieces.

For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as seen below)

#1~ Shannon Conrad "Rings Necklace"
Shannon says, "Like the designs created for the challenge, I wanted to create something simple and classic and versatile. This piece is made up of 40 hand cut copper circles in 2 sizes have been enameled in 8 different colors (7 shades of blue + white). The enamel was etched for a matte surface. The circles are connected with hand cut 14gauge rings that were given a brushed surface. The necklace measures 42 inches and can be worn as a long chain or doubled for a different look. See more of this necklace on Shannon's Flickr!

#2~ Thomasin Durgin “Mine”
I cut and polished this lovely piece of parrot wing chrysocolla last weekend, it was my very first lapidary experience. Chrysocolla itself is quite soft, but this is agatized and extremely hard, it took some time to cut. It reminds me of a little planet. I bezel set the stone on a textured adjustable cigar band and gave the piece an antique patina. See Tomi's Flickr!

#3~ Sara Westermark "Blue Enigma"
Sterling silver, three 3mm sapphires, 5mm blue topaz I did something very characteristic of my work for this challenge. I wanted the piece to feel dressy, but still be flexible enough to be worn everyday. The organic pierced and textured centerpiece contrasts with the parallel clean line boarders and tube set bezels. I"m going to make a set of earrings to go with this series too. See Sara’s blog here!

#4~ Nina Gibson “ring"
I used a beautiful, marquee shaped, light blue, vintage glass cabochon with some lovely swirls. It is set into sterling silver. I set it horizontally to make it more modern and gave it a plain rectangle silver band. For fun and a touch of whimsy, I stamped "blue" on the inside of the band. See Nina's blog here!

#5~ Mike Stromberg "Blueb Tube"
Sterling Silver, Plastic Test Tube, Synthetic Blue Sapphire, Blue Glass Micro beads.
See Mike's Flickr here!

#6~ Victoria Takahashi "baby blues"
This is an enamelled piece of copper on the inside and the feather is stitched to it.
Then I have bezel set a piece of slide glass very-very carefully.
The blue feather is an immature tail feather from a baby Stellars Jay from one we found in our yard this summer. Sadly 2 of the 3 did not make it and the 3rd was last seen in my neighbors yard, alive! This pendant is to honor the two sweet little babies...
To see my past EMJC-PR submissions here!

#7~ Beth Cyr “necklace”
Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli.
See Beth's blog here!

#8~ Rachelle Stromberg "Winter Garden"
Blue zircon and sterling silver.

This cuff has 5 hand cut copper flowers that have been enameled with a few shades of blue glass. Yellow glass beads sit in the center of each flower. And, yes, the flowers can spin. The ends of the cuff each have a word stamped into place. One side says 'FROLIC' and the other says 'THRIVE'. See Kathryn's FLickr here!

#10~ Alisa Miller “brooch”
Sterling Silver, Blue Glass beads.
Oxidized, Fabricated, Sterling Silver and etched Enamel.
See Stacey's blog here!

Well it seems our 2 guest submissions have made 2 pieces each and this week we are proud to share these photos with you.

Top Left: Cory Howard Stalagtite necklace”
Top Right: Cory Howard “Gremlin necklace-Trudy”

Bottom Left: Jo Hollingsworth "True Blue pendant"
Bottom right: Jo Hollingsworth "True Blue earrings"

*Guest Participants~please read and follow these guidelines:

The pieces you submit are pieces that are made specifically for that weeks show.
Please tag your photos this week with "EMJC-PR6.8-wedding"
Also post your links in this comment area, then cross-post this to your blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc.
Currently we are beginning to post your pics on our blog.
Remember, the deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon, PST.
And please don't forget to cross-post back to our blog as we extend the same courtesy to you!
We can't wait to see what you will come up with!

Video Snippet for next weeks 6.8
"Wedding" challenge!

This can be a really fun one!
Make a piece that would be fit for a bride to wear on her special day,
whether it be fancy or casual its up to you!
Hmmm, maybe your bride dislikes white? or maybe she or he loves to be traditional...
some thoughts to chew on....

"Now get to work" as our infamous leader would say!


Dale said...

Wow, these pieces look so professional! It really looks totally great. I love the inspiration, craftsmanship, and beauty provided through this challenge.

I meant to put up a guest submission, but i was 3 hours late by the time it was posted! Sigh. Still, i thought i'd leave a quick link maybe to my would-be submission.

Experimetal said...

thanks Dale!
I like your piece, you merged both challenges :)
I hope you are planning on doing the wedding theme!
"now carry on!"
tee hee hee hee.........

Experimetal said...

ok so Im excited! All guest participants please submit your links here by Friday 12 noon PST.
for the next weeks "WEDDING theme challenge!"

Tiffany Nelson said...

Here is my wedding stuff, I made two,

On a side note, my copper and paper "stained glass" piece I did for the newspaper challenge sold this weekend and the buyer commissioned me to make earrings to match!

idreamicanfly said...

My very non-traditional wedding piece is up:

And you can find additional photos on my Flickr page:

This one was a real challenge - I learned a lot!

Experimetal said...

awesome Ladies!
got your pics and preparing the article!
thank YOU!!!!!

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