Monday, October 1, 2018

Monthly Challenge- Halloween

Happy October! We are starting the month off with a few Halloween inspired pieces, enjoy.

    Cynthia Kurth- Schmuckburg

     Etsy shop

That´s why I love to be in the etsy metal team. I create things that I would never have done alone. In fact I don´t like Halloween so much. It's so easy to scare me.
And I´m really scared about spiders. And now take a look: I even made a spider with fat black legs on the backside - and enjoy it!

    Elise Worman- EMW Metalworks

     Etsy shop

I was inspired by Halloween to make masks. This was so much fun! These pieces are made from sterling silver and can be worn as a pin or a pendant. Most of the metal I used came from my scrap box.

Michele Grady- Michele Grady Designs

Black onyx skull set in handmade sterling bezel. perfect for Halloween or really anytime of the year!!

Andrea Ring- Amuck

For me the kick-off to Halloween is buying that first bag of candy corn as soon as the Halloween candies hit the store shelves!!

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