Monday, October 29, 2018

Monthly Challenge- Chainmaking

Our October challenge was to experiment with chainmaking. This month didn't need to be a finished product but we do have two gorgeous bracelets that were completed. Chainmaking is such an intriguing challenge, there is so much that can be done. Enjoy and I hope we have inspired you to make some chain of your own.

Laura Bouton

This is a handmade curb chain with a little turquoise heart. Chain making is one of my favorite techniques.

Elise Worman

 The photo is of a few sample pieces with different finishes on two different chain types I made. The double U shape sideways is a cast element from a wax I carved. I've been wanting to make this bracelet for a while, so thanks for this challenge! The second is hammered silver circles soldered together to make a unique statement chain with so many possibilities. Great challenge!

Cynthia Kurth

I am very fascinated by chain weaving, it's so great what structures are made of wire. The second pic is a great sampler of multiple chain types.

Debbie Ritchie


Andrea Ring

 I tried to make some chains that would match earring designs I've been working on lately.

Michele Grady

This is actually 2 chains that are connected together at the moment. They can be worn as 1 long chain or as 2 individual shorter chains. 

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