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March Monthly Challenge "30 Minute Challenge"


We asked our EtsyMetal Team members to pick one project from either the

 (Author Marthe Le Van, Publisher Lark Crafts.)
And then make a project that was inspired by a piece in the book, but here's the fun part, they had to incorporate their juju, style, & personality into the piece, thus transforming it into their personal style. This what they came up with!

see at the bottom the next months challenge!

Debbie Ritchie
picked Bracelet #43 for her inspiration, page 94. 
(Original Designer from the 30 Minute Bracelet Book was Susan Machamer)

picked ring #34, but made a bracelet instead, page 76. (Original Designer from the 30 minute Ring Book was Dilyana Evtimova)
"I chose ring #34 as inspiration. The ring has a washer that is twisted and bent, then attached to a ring shank. I decided a version of this design might look good as a cuff bracelet. My original idea was to make several twisted washers and attach them to the top of a cuff bracelet, but when I had them laid out, it didn't look right. I had made a couple different sizes, so tried stacking them. I liked the way they formed a sort of abstract flower. So I made one more larger washer to add to the bottom of the stack (there are 3 total). The cuff part of the bracelet started as something completely different, but I liked the delicate look of the nested washers, so decided the cuff should echo that. I chose a thin (but strong enough) piece of square wire for the bracelet to give the overall piece a delicate, pretty look."

 Kim Sheridan - MetalObjects
picked Bracelet #59 for her inspiration, page 127. 
(Original Designer from the 30 Minute Bracelet Book was Amy Tavern)

picked bracelet #22 from the 30 minute Bracelet Book, page 52.
(Original Designer from the 30 Minute Bracelet Book was Brenda Schweder)
picked ring #52 from the 30 Minute RIng Book, page 113.
(Original Designer is a current EtsyMetal Team member Shirlee Grund)

The April Challenge is:

"Let's Pretend!"

For this months challenge let's pretend that we are costume designers. Pick your favorite movie/tv character and design a piece of jewelry for them!
Reader Submission details:
Hello readers! We just require that you make your pieces specifically for these challenges.
Please post your photo link to your April piece in the comment area below in THIS post. We will take submissions until the last day of the month PST midnight, this is a firm deadline. 
Can't wait to see what you all create!

See you next month and thanks for taking the time to visit!
If you have any questions, please contact a *Monthly Challenge Blog Author below:
*Disclaimer: Authors of the EtsyMetal Monthly Challenge have the right refuse your artwork submission to the post for any reason they see fit.

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