Saturday, April 2, 2016

Etsy Metal Charm Swap 17: Progress Report 6

 Michele Grady has received her first Charm Swap package!
They will all be rolling in shortly. I have gathered a few photos below of  some of the finished and in progress pics that were shared by the swappers this week.
The way the swap works is, Etsymetal members sign up to participate. The number of sign ups we have decides the number of charms to make. This time there are 7 participants and a theme of "Animals". Each participant makes a charm for each member plus 2 extra. When they are finished they send the charms to one of the curators who in turn will sort and pass them back out to the 7 participants. The 2 extra charms have a purpose as well. One individual charm will be sold in the EtsyMetal shop and the other one will be going on a "charm holder" necklace this time around instead of a bracelet. 50% of the funds collected from the sale of the charm swap bracelets and necklaces will be donated to a Youth Arts Organization (TBA) to support budding young artists. Below are the Artists participating in Charm Swap 17 and some work in progress photos:
Victoria Takahashi    Michele Grady   Jessica Lopour   
Andrea Ring   Stacey Maddock   Nina Gibson   Regina Ewer 

Andrea Ring "Tiger"

Nina Gibson "Koi Pond"

Stacey Maddock "Where We Live"

Regina Ewer  "Clown Fish"

Victoria Takahashi "Handcarved Antlers" and packaging.

Michele Grady  & Jessica Lopour  
are busily working away on their charms, can't wait to see them!

Stay tuned to see the "Shop Charm necklace" that will have a handmade charm holder made by Michele Grady and it will be available in the shop in the very near future also along with an individual charm from each maker.
Thank you for following along with us <3 font="">
See you soon!

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