Monday, March 2, 2015

Join the Feast- our February monthly challenge

Thank you for joining the Feast challenge this month.
We started off with this prompt:
The origin of the word February is from the Middle English feverer, from Old French feverier, based on Latin februarius, from februa, the name of a purification feast held in this month. The spelling change in the 15th century was due to association with the Latin word. To whet your appetite for this challenge, see the epic "Feast Bracelet" from 1974 by master Metal Artist Richard Mawdsley. Perhaps your feast will involve a mouthwatering slice of watermelon tourmaline,or a skewer-kebab of textural chunks, or maybe you're inspired by goblets, drinking horns or Viking feast utensils for eating. Perhaps these feast foods from historical times will inspire you on this website. See the blog post with images here: ... lenge.html

Nina Gibson created a heart pendant made from sterling silver spoon handles with garnet accents. 

Erga surprised us with a sterling silver cake tester.

For the March challenge, please be inspired by the word
adjective: brazen
  1. 1.
    bold and without shame.
    "he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance"
  2. 2.
    made of brass.
    • harsh in sound.
      "the music's brazen chords"

You can submit to the challenge too! Simply post good images of your creation into your own Flickr or Pinterest account, with description and your name, then post the link to your submission by way of a comment at the bottom of this post, to have it included here on the blog.

Deadline is Thursday April 2nd and the results will be posted by Monday April 5th. 

Enjoy the challenge.

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deedledumpling said...

Hello Kirsten and thanks for the invite to post something in Brass. Not sure how to actually post the picture but here is the link

This is part of the Earring A Day Challenge for 2015, formed by Victoria Takahashi. And thank you for letting me post.

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