Thursday, March 5, 2015

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 15 - The Official KickOff Post!

And we are BACK! The 15th EtsyMetal charm swap is well underway. This one is a bit (or a lot) different than those in the past. We have a MUCH shorter time schedule because we got started later than normal. Because of the late start, we decided to try out doing a smaller lineup of participants. This should make for a really great swap as everyone can focus on creating amazing charms and not have to work quite so hard to fabricate the usual 22 charms.

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 15 details:

Renee Ford of PanicMama and Laney Clark of Silentgoddess are this swap's co-curators. Renee will be receiving and sorting the charms as well as selecting the Youth Arts Organization that 50% of proceeds from the sale of the completed swap bracelet will be donated to. Laney (that's me) will be posting blog updates, answering participants questions and keeping everyone on track.
We have 10 artists creating charms. That means this go-round we have to create a total of 12. 10 charms for the 10 artists and then 1 charm for the EMCS15 charm bracelet and 1 charm for the EMCS15 individual charm. These latter two will be available in the EtsyMetal team store at the conclusion of this swap.
And with that, we can get to the fun stuff: progress updates!

First up is a teaser from Ann of TuiZui:

She doesn't have a photo ready to share but she says this about her charm design: "No sample yet but I am going to make a copper fold form boat shape with smaller boats of silver inside that move. Maybe a gold element too. It will hang horizontally by a forged silver bail."
If that doesn't get your curiosity piqued I don't know what will!!

Next up is Andrea from Amuckdesign:

Andrea is working on a death's head hawkmoth idea

Here's her mock-up so far of her death's head hawkmoth. The finished charms will have gold skulls and spines.

Next is Anna from SeverinMetals:

Anna says: "mine will look somewhat like this pendant I donated for a silent auction to benefit the family of a man who suddenly passed away on valentines day. It will be smaller and possibly have moonstones if they are shipped in time."

Next is Victoria from Experimetal:

Victoria says: "I finally scaled down the size of my little Jackdaw charm, she is just a little over an inch long. Her wings flap when you pull her tail! Now to just get 12 of these made, deadline approaching in less than 2 weeks! WooOOO!"

Original prototype:

Final charm shown along side original prototype:

Next is a sneak peek from Nina of NinaDesigns:

Nina is currently participating in EAD2015 (Earring a Day 2015) and is considering using a design she used for a recent earring:

So far, so amazing, right? I am really excited about the scaled down format of this swap. Please stay tuned and come back weekly for more progress updates.

Until next time...

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