Friday, January 2, 2015

"Old into New". Monthly Challenge.

The monthly challenge set a month ago was taken up by 4 EtsyMetal team members, starting with Rebecca Bogan of Adobe Sol. You can view more of her work here.

She says, "This pendant features very vintage hand-painted porcelain button. I've accented the button with quartz, fine silver, 14K gold in a sterling silver setting. This is my favorite theme of art jewelry as it brings something from the past in to modern day presented in a unique piece of jewelry."
Pierced detail on the back.

Check out this serene beauty from L.Sue Szabo who says "this stone is over 50 yrs old! I was given a little stash by the widow of an old stone collector who died a long time ago. She just found his old stone stash and gave it to me. I wanted to make a really modern, new looking ring to bring the old amethyst into 2015." More from Sue here.

Markaplan just wanted to add his 'two cents worth' the form of a pair of earrings  made from two old pennies (USA one cent coins)'d never guess!  Mark also made a 2nd entry for the challenge;
Surely the key to someone's heart?

Finally, this timeless piece by Anna from Severin Minerals. "Here's mine I totally spaced it! I decided to work in 14k gold which has been a while. It was old gold too that I had since the 90's. "



Christmas is over for another year and lucky kids have new toys to play with...perhaps the adults have too! Design and make jewelry which is inspired in some way by a favourite toy or game, it could be something colourful and modern, something old and vintage, a 20th Century classic or perhaps something less well known from another culture. Think about the materials you use.

Need some inspiration? In the UK there is the wonderful Museum of Childhood, check out their online collection database, and in the US there's the National Museum of name but two.

The Landlord's Game/Courtesy Thomas E. Forsyth. Image courtesy of Courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York.

You can submit to the challenge too! Simply post good images of your creation into your own Flickr or Pinterest account, with description and your name, then post the link to your submission in the comments at the bottom of this post, to have it included here on the blog.

Deadline is Sunday 1st Febrary. 

Enjoy the challenge.

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