Thursday, January 8, 2015

3xR Etsy Metal Challenge The Grand Finale

We have reached the end of our year long challenge, and what a year it was!  As a 3xR participant I can say that it has been challenging and liberating.  Having the restriction of only using what we had in our studios in terms of materials was a terrific limitation. It forced us all to reassess some pieces that had remained unfinished, languishing somewhat, unloved and forgotten.  In the reassessment some became adapted and others just got finished.

Secondly, it helped us address our stash of rocks and gems.  And finally, it fostered experimentation and diversification.  A success all round I'd say.

I will leave you will some of the highlights from our 3xR 2014 Challenge.  You can find them all on our Flickr group page here.

3xR 2014
In the meantime, hands up who wants to start a new challenge for 2015?  I have it on good authority that a new challenge has indeed begun.  Check back soon to see what our intrepid Etsy Metal Team members have cooked up for 2015.

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