Saturday, December 20, 2014

What's New!

By now, those who celebrate Christmas have all their shopping done, right? Well, perhaps there are a few guys out there who haven't started yet... and of course jewelers... 
Looks like etsymetal jewelers are still in the studio sawing, hammering, and setting away. Hope they'll have a day or two to get their shopping done...

JazznJewelry                                                            markaplan   

2Roses                                                                  Juju By Sarah      

erga                                                                             lsueszabo     

LjBjewelry                                                        AmityJewelry     

Lauren Meredith                                                         FluxPlay 

Laura Roberson                                                    betsybensen

SeverinMetals                                                 ReaganHayhurst 

Michele Grady Designs                           Sarah Hood Jewelry 

Hammer Stone Metal                                      Quercus Silver 

             Cynthia Del Giudice                                        bluepiranha

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