Wednesday, December 3, 2014

EtsyMetal Monthly Challenge.


Welcome back to the monthly challenge, after a short break, the challenge is back!

As 2014 draws to a close and a new year edges closer, the jewellery challenge this time is to create an item inspired by "Old into New", perhaps something old becoming something new, or something in your life or world news being regenerated from an old state into a new version. Or this could be a material/s or an object/s which you transform into a new wearable creation - a stylish 'mashup', like Isabel Quiroga's old tables becoming new shelves (above), or a finding used in a new way or even a old process being used in a 'new' way. 

Guests may submit to the challenge too! Simply post good images of your creation into your own Flickr or Pinterest account, with description and your name, then post the link to your submission in the comments at the bottom of this post, to have it included here on the blog.

Deadline is Friday 2nd January 2015.....a good time for getting your brain on track after those New Year celebrations.

Enjoy the challenge.

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