Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2013 ~ Jewelry Challenge ~ "Hidden Message"

The EtsyMetal Team Jewelry Challenge this month:
"Hidden Message"
Our participants have entered a handmade piece of jewelry using their own interpretation!
Cuff bracelet - "To Inbal with love from Mom" Etched on Sterling silver, tube setting with Aquamarine. A gift for 12 years old little lady. 


The code is "Hidden" in plain sight.

 A simple design necklace with a secret reminder for the wearer (because the message doesn't show when worn) to live in the moment.

artigiano's message is super secret.  It is stamped on the under wings of this moth (the copper part). It says "moth love", which is the title of the piece.

1 comment:

PDixonCFBC said...

Not only are all the pieces beautiful they are intreguing pieces of art that we can wear with the option of sharing our little secret within.

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