Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charm Swap 11


Our deadline is coming quickly and we have few updates this week.

Deborah says: "22- complete-yay! ; )wake the **** up mug charmsbrass, copper, silver"
Everyone's charms look awesome!!"

Inbar Says: "I really liked the button I've made to BAD and enjoy making it.
I already made the buttons yesterday and I've ordered silk threads in some gorgeous colors. Now I'am waiting for the silk. I wanted real silk threads."

Shae Says: "I changed my idea too, I can't believe it! I did a prototype that I had to turn into an emergency brooch. Without the pin obviously, and I have some iridescent glass instead of the iron.

Laney says: "A few of my charms in progress. Plan on oxidizing the finished product. Using a nice heavy weight gauge copper that is a good base for the torch fired enamels. Gives the charms a nice weight. These charms are a blast to make!!"

Check back next week for more updates!

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