Thursday, March 7, 2013

Charm Swap 11

Welcome to Charm Swap 11 !
This charm swap curators are Laney of Silentgoddess and Inbar Bareket.
The Etsymetal team does two charm swaps per year. One in April, one in October. When a new swap begins, a signup list is created. Each swap involves 20 members. Each participant creates twenty two charms.
Every participant will receive one of every charm.
Forty charms, two from each contributor will remain.
Using one charm from each artist, a wonderful charm bracelet is created to be sold in the Etsymetal team shop . The other twenty charms are sold individually in the team shop.
Half of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelet go to the Etsymetal Youth Outreach Program. The curator chooses a Youth Art Organization to donate to. I will announce the recipient as soon as it has been selected.

We are beginning to receive first ideas of the charms we are going to make. It is so exciting every charm swap !
Let’s take a  look …..

Ruby of iacua
Ruby says:  “After the most frustrating setbacks, I finally have this little guy ready to become an entire Spring line. It is, after all, the year of the Water Snake.
So for my charms I will be doing something with her.”

Shae Freeman of Citizenobjects
Shae says: “I think I am going to do charms based on these cufflinks I made (and scatter pin for BAD). Stainless steel and hardware cloth. They will be a bit bigger and I should have a prototype photo soon!”

Erin Austin
Erin Says: “The idea was to use some scrap to make random building abstracts.”

Renee of Panicmama Jewelry

Renee says:  “I cut up a couple of quills into "sushi" but now I have to go get more.  I think I want to use three per charm and make something similar to my brooch. I am pretty enamored with the porcupine quill "sushi" rolls. I have several brooch planned with left overs from Charm Swap 11.”

Chrysoula of Jewellietta
Chrysoula says: “For the charms I firstly made some quick draft sketches. One of them was a geometric human figure, and somehow I remembered Keith Haring's work. I made a search on the internet and I found this site, ... ty-studio/ with so interesting info for his life and work
This is my sketch and the first little man made of brass:
Then I made them from silver and tried a few different drawings on their bodies, influenced by Keith Haring's style. I will "tattoo" them with lines and symbols, I'll try to make each one a little different than the other:
I soldered little tubes on their heads and poured resin in. It's going to be the only color on the charms. When it cures I'm going to draw them with the final shapes.”

Check back next week for more updates!

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