Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EMJC – May 2012 - “My Favorite Color”

Our May challenge due to April 30 was:
"My favorite color"

"My favorite color - Blue and Green (two!)

It was purple for the longest time, until I moved to St. Thomas for a few years, and experienced the beautiful calm blue color of the Caribbean ocean, and tropical green plants. The sun shining magnified beauty. I tried to capture that feeling in this ring. 

chrysocolla with malachite and quartz druzy; 2mm green peridot, sterling silver; copper "

"When I was a kid my favorite color was red, then when I got older my favorite color turned into turquoise. These earrings combine those 2 colors in torch-fire enamels. I still like red a lot, but for some unexplainable reason turquoise has taken over. My dining room and kitchen walls are painted turquoise."

"I couldn't decide which color I love more. I love the combination of the two and these earrings were born."

Our June challenge due to May 31st is:
The International children day is June 1st.
Let's create something for them.

1 comment:

aroluna said...

Thank you Inbar!
An awesome collection!!

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