Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charm swap 10

Hello Thursday!  Here we are with a Charm Swap update!
Czen says 'Sneak-a-boo! These are only sneak peeks of one half of the charms. This may be academic, but stay with me. I have thinking a lot about charm, allure, lure, bait. So these charms are a play on those words. I am using what are called 'Colorado Deep Cup Blades'- they are copper fishing lure spinners! They are enameled in various shades of watery/fishy blues and greens. Hand made murrini are also fused (kind of like little starfish). The second half of the charms will take me a little longer to's very...involved. I think the charms will be called 'aleure' which is from the latin: 'a' which means 'to' + 'leure' which means 'a lure'. So, literally 'to a lure'!'
They look gorgeous!  I can't wait to see them in person!

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