Thursday, March 29, 2012

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 9

We have arrived.

The charm swap deadline is tomorrow. Guess what? Every single participant in the EtsyMetal Charm Swap 9 has their charms finished and in Michele's hands! Michele has the charms all pre-sorted and is in the process of getting them ready to ship back to all of the players!

This was my first swap as a member of the EtsyMetal team, however, I have been involved in countless other art swaps over the years and none have gone as smoothly and as seamlessly as this one. I must extend a huge thank you to everyone for making the swap such a success! And a double thanks goes to Michele, my co-curator. I think we did a great job!

For this week's recap, here are updates from participants that were posted over the last two weeks:

Mark Kaplan's dragon charm:

Erin Austin's circle charms:

Tess Norberg's sea horse charms:

Reagan Hayhurst's leaf charms:

Winona's hazelnut charms:

Kirsten Denbow's birdhouse charms:

Ruby's twig charms:

Laura Pacino's copper flower charms:

Renee Ford's faceted gemstone charms:

Stacey's enameled charms:

My co-curator, Michele's charms:

Konstanze's cocoon charms

And here are all of the charms pre-sorted:

I plan to do a Charm Swap 9 wrap-up post next week which will feature each participant's charms so everyone can see all of the charms in a grande finale of sorts post.

Until next time...

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