Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charm Swap 9 Update

23 days to go. Twenty three. I know personally I have some serious work to get done to make the deadline. I have a feeling that I am probably not alone...

However, I do have lots of progress to report. So let's get to it!

Virginie of VirginieMartinStudio is done with her charms. Don't they look amazing?

Konstanze of nodeform has her 3-D printed prototype in hand:

She says, "I think I will modify it slightly to make it a bit puffier to get more volume, but otherwise I like it."
She is not alone. I dig the cocoon shape! I can't wait to see her finished charms.

Next up is me, Laney of Silentgoddess. I have 8 charms complete. Lots of work still to go. But I am spending some time each day working on them and should have them wrapped up in time for the deadline.

My little enamel cups before they have been fired with the torch:

16 cups fired, 5 to go:

Winona of Art by Winona has been busy carving hazelnuts for her charms:

Word on the EtsyMetal street is when they are complete they will be fuzzy. Stay tuned!

And we have another participant who is DONE!
Inbar of inbarbareket finished up her charms this week. Aren't they beautiful??

The roses are carved corals. I really love how the coral and the silver complement each other.

So that brings us up to date with our progress thus far. From what it sounds like everyone has their ideas figured out and most have started on their charms. We are hoping to have some good news from Mark of markaplan regarding his charms. When he had last heard from his caster there had been a fire at the casting shop. But no word on the status of his charms. Maybe his little dragons started breathing fire?

Until next time...

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