Sunday, December 18, 2011

Work Of Art - Season 2 Episode 8–“Sell Out”

Premiere: December 7, 2011 
The artists work in teams to create a minimum of one piece of art to sell to the public, but that is also worthy of presenting in a gallery show. 
Since we all already sell to the public the choices are...
a. Collaborate with at least one other person (jeweler or non-jeweler) to create a piece 
b. Create a piece that could be in production but is unique enough to show in an art gallery or magazine
Other interpretations are welcome. This one is a bit vague. 
Happy making!
“I used CA Highway 17 as my inspiration. "It connects Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. Built in the 1930's... Today more than 75,000 vehicles a day use the beautiful but dangerous road for recreation, access to work, vacations and commerce.... spans 25 miles... it is also a road that many people hate or fear. " From "Highway 17 The Road to Santa Cruz" by Richard A. Beal.
I am among those that fear Hwy. 17! Twisty 2-lane mountain road, where people travel way too fast and even worse in the rainy season.
These earrings are made with hammered 16 gauge copper wire and enameled by torch firing.”

“This is called Urban Decay #1 and is a mixed metals, found/upcycled piece.”

“I collaborated with Betsy Benson (did you know that Betsy?)
I got these gorgeous stones from her.
Than I made these gold and silver earrings”

Enjoy !

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