Monday, December 12, 2011

Work Of Art - Season 2 Episode 7 - "La Dolce Arte"

Premiere: November 30, 2011 
The artists must utilize one automobile component from a Fiat 500 and transform it into a piece of art.

Evelyn Markasky  

"My first car ever, was a pea green '65 mustang convertible with pony interior. I loved that car. Perhaps I loved it too much. It broke down almost every week and I just didn't have the know-how or the money to fix it, so I eventually sold it to my boss's 16 year old son. I worked for a sandblasting company and they restored and collected cars. I think he still has it.
So in memoriam for my 1st car, I took the emblem of the mustangs and pierced them out of copper, enameled them and added fused copper chain."

Our next challenge:
Episode 8: Sell Out 
Premiere: December 7, 2011 

Due date: December 16, 2100
The artists work in teams to create a minimum of one piece of art to sell to the public, but that is also worthy of presenting in a gallery show. 

Since we all already sell to the public the chioces are...
a. Collaborate with at least one other person (jeweler or non-jeweler) to create a piece 
b. Create a piece that could be in production but is unique enough to show in an art gallery or magazine

Other interpretations are welcome. This one is a bit vague. 
Happy making!

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