Saturday, June 11, 2011

"What's New" - this week in our shops

Glowing Embers Mexican Fire Opal and Sterling Silver Ring by L. Sue Szabo
Set of sterling silver wedding bands - 2mm and 4mm by hartleystudio
Handmade Tree Of Life Pendant Copper Leaves Silve Chain  by AdobeSol
Rutile Ring - One of a Kind  by Maria Goti
Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Ring, Palladium by Nodeform
Turtle Kelp pendant  by Simply Mega
R1108- SALE- RAD ring 79- bound by Experimetal
Mermaid Shell Necklace in Sterling Silver by Kathryn Cole


somethingunique said...

I Love your show and share always a lot of abso fabu creations. I have a question if you wouldn't mind i am trying to use liver of sulphur to antique red bras wire i even heated the wire but the LOS has no effect on the wire at all. What am i doing wrong?

Beth Cyr said...

hey there! It has been my exerience that LOS has very little affect on brass. I don't know that I have ever worked with red brass... but I imagine most brass is the same... there are special patina's for brass that work great though. I know rio has a couple, but if you google it, you can find some from different companies as well.

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