Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charm Swap 8 - week 13

This week we have quite a few updates from the charm swap participants....
Erin from ErinAustin is on a roll with her charms! Last week it was folding and cutting the shapes and this week she has already made her settings! I love the little cut outs on the backs of the charms...they are really looking great Erin!

 Jen from JenLawlerDesigns  sent in this photo of her adorable little house charms. Jen says "I've been inspired by so many that are working with copper and brass that I decided to try out using it again. It's easily been over 10 years since I've used copper or brass. I hand textured the copper with a new hammer I have and then fabricated the pieces together. It's also my first batch from my new tumbler!" They look great Jen!

 Karla from KalraWheelerDesign has gotten some work done on her charms this past weekend. She says that she has decided to etch the backs of her bezels and seems to be pretty excited that she now has all of the etching done and the main circles of her bezels made! Way to go Karla!

Ruby from Iacua also has an update for us. She sent in a sketch of her idea and 2 images of the piece she has started to carve in wax. She plans to make a bell out of her blackberry charm. Since this is a first for her she is hoping the bell will really work when it's finished. It looks good so far! When she finishes the berry she will carve the clapper and is thinking of doing the berry in brass and the clapper in sterling silver. Ruby says she will send more photos as the berries progress. Can't wait to see them!

Until next time! ~Michele Grady

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