Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Casting: Wax Working tool on the cheap!

Everyone has their own way of working with wax... carving, melting, injecting & dipping. But one tool that's handy with any wax piece is a little pen. Places like Rio Grande sell a great wax pen that I've used before, but those start at around $150.

A cheap & easy way to get a wax pen is to get a wood burning tool ($5 on craigslist oftentimes, or I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $9 with a 40% off coupon). Mine came with several screw on tips & is a simple little thing. Pair that with a dim-able outlet & you're set! Control the heat with the dimmer (you wont need much) & wax away.


Three Birds Jewelry said...

nice! my casting instructor offered to show us how to make one using a dim switch and a solder iron....but this seems even easier!

Ann Hartley said...

You are a genius! What a great idea!!

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