Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September challenge "Inspired by Ancient Jewelry"

 Our September challenge due to August 30 was....
"Inspired by Ancient Jewelry"
 We have 4 stunning entries this month

 "When I was a child I studied Egyptian relics, borderline obsessive, in particular the scarab. The Egyptians worshiped the beetle, and that was so fascinating to me. They believed that the young Sun God, Kephri (the beetle) pushed Ra (the sun) into the sky from the underworld each morning. They also adorned grave sites and tombs with scarabs to ensure safe passage into the afterlife."

The finished piece: " I used a trilobite fossil as a representation of my scarab, and etched some similar glyphs on a tablet suspended below"

Andrea -  Artigiano Jewel Box  

" Inspired by the Indian custom of hennas tattoo that I've been wanting to complete since last year..."

Kira Ferrer  

 "The inspiration, 12th century gold earrings from Iran."

Inbar Bareket 

 "We had an exhibition of ancient jewelry "Apple of gold in pictures of silver" All items were ancient jewelry from archaeological excavations. I picked up item No.93 An earring from the
Byzantine Empire 324-638 AD. Design as moon or Basket , filigree work with drops at the end. the drops are ended with loops probably for holding beads."

"I made a sterling silver pendant moon frame with 3 gold filigree loops and small charm with gorgeous 6 rays star sapphire."

Our October monthly team challenge due to September 30 is....
"Pablo Picasso"
Pablo Picasso was born on Tuesday, October 25,  in Born in the city of Malaga in the Andalusian region of Spain
He died on Sunday, April 08, 1973, in Mougins, France.

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