Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Charm Swap 6

....It's getting warmer now.....

L. Sue Sezabo  -   Sue has completed and shipped her lovely charms !

Meg / SimplyMega  - Meg has finished her charms- each one unique.

Lynette Andreasen / Asymmetry - Lynette is still playing with her design - it probably be something in this spirit

Ceeb wassermann / Howlindoggie - Ceeb shows her progress

WOW ! These are amazing ! All twenty charms on one bracelet/necklace!!!
I can't wait to see it all together !


Susanna Segerholm said...

I love to follow your charm swap. It´s fascinating to see all the ideas take shape and turn into a united piece of jewlery

Beatriz said...


Brincos maravilhosos, as pérolas deram um efeito surpreendente.

Um dia iluminado para você.


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