Friday, July 16, 2010

Work of Art Challenge: Episode 5: "Art That Moves You"

Episode 5: Art That Moves You
Air date: June 30th 10pm PST; Bravo TV

In this episode 5, the contestants are given a fleet of cars and told to drive them through New York City, ultimately arriving at the Audi Forum. An artist’s city often serves as a source of inspiration, and for their elimination challenge, the artists must create a piece of work that is reflective of their experience driving through the streets of Manhattan.

EtsyMetal Jewelry Translation... Please make a piece that involves "cars" somehow!

Inbar says, "I love car wheels! For the head of the screws (I couldn't decide on the color,
I used blue topaz, amethyst, peridot. garnet and citrine."

Kira says, "For episode 5 the theme of our challenge was "cars". I kept thinking "road trip..."

Victoria says, "For this challenge my dear sweet partner says, "why don't you make an engine?" I said, "No."  So he begins to show me all these car parts and I stop him when I see this freaking gorgeous Hilborn fuel injector stacks. Please let my heart be still, I do not think I did these beauties any justice but they definitely were all my inspiration for this piece. Their wonderful shapes is a favorite of mine so how could I not indulge?The little stacks in my ring wiggle around in the setting. Materials: Sterling Silver, Oxidized and Fabricated"

"Thank you all for reading our team blog!"
Quote from Bravo TV: "The remaining artists are challenged to create a large-scale, outdoor installation piece. The artists must put egos aside and collaborate effectively in order to create a public art masterpiece in just two days. The challenge culminates in a public viewing."

Please check on back to see our collaborative creation for Episode 6!
We will be making a "one-of-a-kind" cluster of charms necklace that will be available in our EtsyMetal team shop.

Scheduled to be posted on Thursday, July 22nd!

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