Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charm Swap 6

Hi again

Time is short my friends. I have two new hints of what will be on our next swap.
Erga has finished her prototype: "'I'm calling it "Opposing Forces" - Partly inspired by the "Chaos/Control" double-sided Kandinski in "Six Degrees of Separation," but also a reflection of the competing design forces in my work (geometric vs. organic), and meant to allude to a window and clouds, sort of an indoor/outdoor, structure/nature thing. Or just interesting shapes cut out and hammered together"

Meg from SimplyMega after finishing her prototype began full time manufacturing her 22 charms!
"Each charm will be different as they will be fabricated rather than cast. Each will contain silver wire and a copper starfish.:

Till now we have 3 charm out of 20 !
I can't wait to see what we are going to have in this charm swap! Really! I am so excited !!!

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