Friday, August 21, 2009

Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 1: "Red Carpet"

This is the beginning of Project Runways' Season 6!

EtsyMetal Team has decided to do a weekly jewelry challenge that is loosely based upon our individual interpretations of the current weeks Project Runway show, there will be no winner and no loser. Members will participate however often they wish throughout the season.

We will be posting the pics of the EtsyMetal Team pieces made for the weeks challenge here and also posting a snippet of the next weeks challenges the day after the new episode airs. So Team members, this means you must have your pics/links to us before Friday @ noon (pacific time) if you want your pics posted :) yes it is a deadline!

This is open to the public and we would love for you to play with us! All you have to do is check in here the day after the latest episode airs (Thursdays 9, 10 & 11:30pm PST, Lifetime channel) and then you have 1 week to make a fabulous piece and post your links to your pics in our comment area so we can all see them!

Have fun and be creative and do what you do best! Carry on designers!

*Season 6 - Week 1: Challenge description:

Tim Gunn says, "This weeks challenge is to represent your individuality and make a red carpet piece, for any red carpet event. "

Hiedi Klum says, "This week is about innovation and your point of view."

1 comment:

Experimetal said...

so exciting!
EtsyMetal members pieces are rolling in to meet the deadlint of noon on Friday!
Beautiful and fun things to share with you soon :)

now to watch tonights show episode 2 season 6.
Posting the new challenge tommorow afternoon!

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