Friday, August 28, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 2: "Pregnancy"

Here are our "seven" participants entries from last weeks'
"Red Carpet Theme"

For those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes.

Every Friday we will post the video snippet (at the bottom of this post) of the new PR show here and also post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. Anyone is welcome to play along with us. Just post your link of your piece in the comment box so we can see your pieces!

Our first designer above to submit her piece was Shannon Conrad. It is a fabulouso super chunky Sterling Silver cocktail ring sand cast from a vintage button.
I know from experience that these pieces are very substantial and have a wonderful weightiness to them and are luxurious to wear.

Our second entry is a fabricated pendant necklace by Maggie Joynt. It has a gorgeous luminescent Prehnite cabachon set in Sterling Silver with Copper embellishments. Maggie always has wonderful textural yummy details in her pieces.

This third entry is a very eye popping giant enamelled Red Poppy pendant. Its blazing color really reminds me of the real thing that I love so much. This piece was made by Kathryn Reichert. Kathryn says "It is meant for some young starlet to wear to a fun, happy, non boring event!" She also mentions that she is keeping this beauty all for herself.

This next entry is our fourth piece to come in and it is a beautiful handcrafted very large faceted Topaz ring. Sara named this her "Smoky Topaz Organic Tower Ring". Wow this is a really fun one and to be worn as a statement piece for sure! It was made by our lovely multi-talented Sara Westermark. And she also blogged here.

Ok moving along to our fifth entry now, {tee-hee} that would be me, Victoria Takahashi. This piece was intended for a Video Music award Red Carpet event. I was envisioning a heavy metal female rock icon to want to wear this ring. I hand carved a set of bone fangs then I set them in special formed Sterling Silver settings with a nice heavy band. I like Kathryn am keeping this one for myself as well :)

For our sixth super elegant entry. ...This one is a dramatic and super fun piece by Beth Cyr. It is a neck piece but it has such a wonderful essence like a fabric scarflette. I love the delicacy of the Argentium Sterling Silver fused wire. "Bravo Bravo Beth!"

*here is Beth's Blog post.

And last but not least number seven, our final entry! Presenting Nina Gibson! These fun long post earrings have a wonderful retro feel to me. They are fabricated out of Sterling Silver and Faceted Blue Topaz. To read more Nina has blogged about these pretty little earrings.

9.04.09: Nina Dinoff slides her piece in a week late but it is so beautiful I had to slip it in.

OK now for Episode 2: Jewelry Challenge-Video snippet: "Pregnancy!"

"OK Designers" this weeks challenge is a little tricky is it not? The actual challenge is: "to create something chic for a pregnant lady to wear that will show off her curves".

so, here are some ideas that were thrown out to help design a piece around this weeks episode.

"a mothers piece, something symbolic of mother and child, pregnancy, growth, symbolism, birthstones, how pregnant women cannot always wear their normal rings, comfort, curvy shapes...." But as always, these challenges will be purely for fun, there will be no winner or losers. They are simply our own interpretations on the weeks subject. So ultimately do whatever you feel is appropriate.

"Carry on designers"


kathryncole said...

I love this contest! I love Project Runway and love that you are designing pieces to correlate with each show! Awesome!!!!

Beautiful pieces everyone! I especially love Beth Cyr's neckpiece and Nina Gibson's Earrings!

Carry On Designers! ~Kathryn

elizabethrosasjewelry said...

great work everyone!

Manda said...

everyone's work turned out amazing!

id like to join in on all the fun,
when and where do i need to post!

Tiffany Nelson said...

Victoria, what did you carve the fangs out of? They are truly wonderful. I love how you picked a specific venue to "debut" your design. I am really loving this new assignment stuff, really gets your creative juices flowing. Is anyone allowed to enter or just Etsy Metal members. I have a couple ideas for the pregnancy one ^_^

rubygirl said...

Hi Manda! Anyone can join in - just post a link to your finished piece in the comments section. We post every Friday. The post will include the pieces submitted for the previous week as well as the following week's challenge. Come join the fun!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

I would like to enter this into the challenge

GUARDIAN Lariat Necklace

I think any woman in the throws of pregnancy can appreciate a piece of jewellery that adjusts to fit their mood or body. The wings and pearl are symbolic to a mother protecting its child - something any mommy can understand!

Tiffany Nelson said...

Don't know if this is where I am supposed to post my motherhood challenge piece, but these are my two pieces. The first is a necklace its pretty self explanatory, Sterling silver and moonstone cabachon, the second is a ring, designed large enough that while your hands swell it can be worn on a regular ring or index finger but after your pregnancy is over and you have lost that extra weight it easily fits on your thumb for a stylish thumb ring.

Tiffany Nelson said...

Oops wrong link for ring, this is the ring

Experimetal said...

hi everyone! the new blog post is up and I want to thank you for adding your pieces.
I put you in the blog post!
please remember to cross post our blog link to your blog, flickr ,etsy etc too!
Also pleease tag your piece "EMJC-PR 6.3"

Experimetal said...

Tiffany, sorry I missed your comment.
"I carved my fangs out of bone."

Tiffany Nelson said...

Its a beautiful ring I am truly jealous of your talent!

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