Thursday, November 6, 2008

Colleen Baran

1. Where do you live, and where are you from?

I live in Greater Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. A beautiful city of 2 million that‘s tall buildings mixed with lots of green. Trees, parks, ocean and bit of wildness mixed with the city.

I grew up near here, in half a dozen local suburbs.

2. How did you get started working with metal?

I worked in many mediums growing up (clay, paint, fabric, paper, etc) and metal was one of them. I first started making jewellery from thread and beads when I was a kid and it progressed to classes in metalwork in my teens. Classes and many books from public libraries. It was wonderful and I was immediately in love. Of all the mediums I’ve worked in jewellery is the one that I kept coming back to time and time again.

It’s ridiculous how much time I spend thinking about jewelry!

3. What are a few of your favourite pieces at the moment?

I usually have a few dozen favourites at any one time! But a few of my favourites are ‘I Miss You’, ‘Cloud Ring #4’ (or anything in my Cloud Series), Floating Saucer Ring Sets, and My Floating Saucer Series in general.

Rings are often my favourites. I love making variations on the basic shape and discovering ways to make huge dramatic pieces surprisingly comfortable.

But for Nov/Dec I’m working on more pendants and earrings! Many pendants, earrings, set stones and bits of gold in my work room right now.

4. What inspires you (artists, objects, interests)?

I am really inspired by making things. Sitting down with the materials and seeing where they go. It’s the excitement and enthusiasm for new projects that gives me ideas. Many new ideas also stem from older projects so sometimes I’m inspired by looking through old work or sketchbooks.

Good art/design/beauty inspires me as well. Beautiful well made things enrich the world and put off a bit of positive energy that’s just generally inspiring. Good design makes life better!

I admire from afar all ‘good artful design’ and am particularly enamoured with chandeliers and architecture these days. I find myself wishing for high ceilings and many rooms for chandeliers.

Architecture is an area I admire from afar. When I was a kid I spent many, many hours designing and furnishing ‘future homes’ that were not in the least practical. Hollowed out hills or mountains covered in grass were among my favourites. Also houses in trees. Or castle-like houses on Islands with oubliettes, 20 foot high ceilings and vast libraries. In exploring contemporary architecture I’m amazed to find whimsical and flawlessly, excitingly executed building that remind me of these childhood daydreams.

5. Do you have any other artistic interests?

I’m a big believer in living life creatively in general, making things on a daily basis. Other creative endeavours have included making clothes, clay things, handmade books, photography, drawing, sculpture, writing and cooking extravagant time consuming meals.

I’m also working on a series that involves the collection of love letters and stories. This combines my love of collecting, books, secret stories, writing, the mystery of foreign languages and jewellery all in one!

So far I have stories from Canada, France, Spain, the UK, and the USA in Arabic, English but I’d love stories from many, many more countries and in many more languages- because the world is full of love! I’m open to sincere stories from anyone and everyone in all languages.

You can find more of Colleen's work at her Etsy Shop, Website, Flickr, Blog, and 'Share Your Love' Blog.

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Jaime/GirlLovesGloss said...

Oh yay another metalsmith from Vancouver! Hello Neighbor!

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