Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EtsyMetal News 08.26.08

Landscape Sample Rings by Sarah Hood

A bit of local news for me and news for other EtsyMetal-ists as well!
The Bringing the Band Back Together Ring Show is on display at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Georgia. You can also check out photographs of all the rings on flickr.

Sarah Hood and Colleen Baran both have rings in the show! Even though I got to see it in Savannah - I'll have to swing by and see it there too. The University has a new art building that is right across from the museum and I haven't gotten to check it out yet. Sadly, the jewelry and metalworking department didn't get a spot in the new building...

Chuck of Down To The Wire Designs is starting a new project of creating and listing a new ring every day! What an inspiration. Check out more information here and of course his shop for all the new rings!!

And of course there have been loads of front pages of fabulous etsymetal pieces - Just today LunasaDesigns and Gemmafactrix were on the front page, thanks to Sophie of Duckduckgoosestuff who created the list! How fun is that?

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