Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blind Spot Jewellery

Janos, of Blind Spot Jewellery, is an amazing artist who works mostly in Iron. His pieces are often kinetic, full of texture and patina, and always incredible. You can find more of his work in his Etsy Shop.

1. Where do you live, and where are you from?

I am from Hugary, Budapest. After getting my degree on agriculture I moved to England where I lived for 3 years. Then I came to Italy where I live now, near Genova, in a small, pretty village in the mountains, called Campo Ligure.

2. How did you get started working with metal?

I started to experiment with metals -mainly iron - in Hungary. Then in England I took an evening class of jewellery and I started to work with silver and other metals too. I built up my first workshop there and sold pieces in local galleries. I learnt a lot from exchanging ideas with other jewellers, from books and from continuous experimenting.

3. What are a few of your favorite pieces at the moment?

I really enjoy to make poison rings - or container jewellery. I love them because they give you the feeling that you can protect and keep safe something at least. As the jewellery we wear becomes a part of us, so the contained treasure we place in it. As long as we survive, so does the treasure.

4. What inspires you (artists, objects, interests)?

I am inspired by any old metal objects, matured metal surfaces. There is that state of mind, when the whole word becomes a potential source of creation: all the shapes, the materials around us.

5. Do you have any other artistic interests?

I like to write in my language. But because I live abroad I write less and I prefer nonverbal arts, like jewellery is.

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