Monday, February 4, 2019

December/January challenge

Eye, Snake or Bird

Our challenge was to pick one of the above icons that have been so popular lately and oddly everyone chose Eye! We have some excellent entries this month.

Christine Mighion
Divine Eye earrings:
 Tiny cast sterling silver skulls and bits of nature
• Free form cut crosses with natural peridot and amethyst gemstones set inside
• Hand carved blue turquoise flower, fire opal, peruvian opal, topaz, sapphire, ruby, green chrome diopside, and sunstone beads 

Elise Worman
I don't usually use icons like this in my work. I almost skipped doing this one, but we were given a month extension on the deadline.. so no excuses. Love the results! Forged sterling silver eye pin featuring a beautiful fossil coral.
Leslie Zemenek
Copper, bronze and silver winged eye brooch.
Jen Prox Weisblat
Winged eye necklace:
Quartz crystal embedded with tourmaline along with a rose cut peridot.

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