Monday, December 3, 2018

November Challenge-TEXTILES

Cynthia Kurth/ Schmuckburg

To give the silver a structure, I pressed it with various old lace doilies through the roller.
With some handmade stamps and the spinner rings, which also look like cords, there are great patterns.

Elise Worman/EMWmetalworks

 The first, a fossil coral piece that reminds me of old Japanese silk kimono textiles. The second is a forged pendant with a dinosaur bone, here the ruffle in the silver reminds me of tulle. This was a great challenge!

Su Trindle/Quercus Silver

The Hem Stitch Brooch:  It is the latest in a series of pieces which celebrate the fun I had learning to sew when I was young. It gave me a lifelong love of making.
Materials: Sterling Silver and resin.

Debbie Ritchie/ Fenton design

Copper and Sterling Silver mounted on a cedar board which has been burned and polished with stainless steel wool in the manner of shou sugi ban.

Andrea Ring/ Amuckdsign

An old snippet of lace from a dress forever captured in sterling and brass.

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