Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Monthly Challenge- Circles and Earrings

This month we took a simple design element, the circle and asked teammates to create a pair of earrings. It's always fun to see how many people can use the same design element and come up with completely different pieces from each other.  Enjoy!


Kirsten Denbow


Kristen Baird-Rabun

I love this pattern. I call it Polka dots - but they are circles actually.

A drilled iron plate creates the pattern.

Cynthia Kurth


Beth Cyr Kroh

I loved working with the rainbow colors of these scallop shell beads. In these necklace and earrings, I framed the beads with hand textured sterling silver circles.

Suzy Louise

Wild Thistle Jewelry
Long sterling silver dangle earrings, layered circles, 14 gauge.

Mokume Gane earrings with dot pattern, sterling silver and copper.

Large sterling silver hoops with embossed circle.

Elise Worman

EMW metalworks

Laura Bracken

Bracken Designs


Andrea Ring


Su Trindle

These were made in collaboration with ceramicist Emily-Kriste Wilcox. Keeping them lightweight, protective and complementary to the ceramics was an interesting challenge. I made textured silver frames which are tab set front and back and oxidised them for a charcoal finish show off the painterly glaze on the ceramics.

Regina Ewer



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