Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Monthly Challenge- Tiny charms


Our challenge for February was to make a tiny charm 1/2" and under and I think we have some darn cute entries! I hope you enjoy this months pieces and if there is an idea you'd like to see us tackle in our monthly challenges please drop us a note in the comments section.

Down To The Wire Designs

A tiny sterling wild rose with a pink topaz center.


Sterling silver hollowformed charm with skull.

Severin Metals

A tiny 1/2" green tourmaline and sterling charm.


EMW Metalworks

February tiny charm. I had so much fun with this one! I made a couple. Tiny bird nest with blue egg is my favorite.


Nina Gibson Designs

Tiny Charm Bangle. A dozen charms, all under 1/2 inch, slide around a simple silver bangle. The charms are all made using stamps from my collection of handmade Navajo tools.



I have to do three at a time - not sure why. But I think one is not faster.
Anyway, you like to believe that small things get done faster. But the opposite is often the case.
And you have to use such small tools. Or you can hardly hold the piece of jewelry.
That was a great challenge! I love the etsy metal team for that!

Sterling Silver, 18 ct Gold, peridot, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli
I'd like to thank my teammates for playing along this month and hope they will join in the March challenge of making a "Cocktail Ring".  If you'd like to play along with us in March post your ring here in the comments section by march 26th.

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Victoria Takahashi said...

Love ALL of these! Precious♡

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