Thursday, July 7, 2016

June Monthly Challenge: Creativity with minimal materials

June Monthly Challenge
 "A Day in the Sun!"
(with minimal materials)
Our Monthly June Challenge was to use:
-one 2"x2" square of metal of choice
-6" of any single gauge wire
-use a stone or not, but no bezel wire!
(items like solder, neck/bracelet chains, ear wires were ok of course!)
MetalObjects - GadFly brooch
" sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth."
Great challenge! I got to experiment in ways that i wouldn't otherwise have done.

Embossed, LOS patina, black gesso & colored pencil.
This fine silver and keum boo brooch was inspired by the fine architectural details inside a famous Georgian chapel - The Octagon - in Bath, England. The chapel has been unused for some time and is in a gentle state of decay.
Su's inspiration below.

Sterling Silver, Lace Agate.

"This piece is still possibly a WIP, have not quite decided to add some elements hanging from the bottom or not. It is ALL cold connected with Rivets and the stone is made as a Tab Setting with a scalloped seat underneath for it to rest on. I used the 2" square of Sterling and 6" of wire. I have probably 5" of wire left and a handful of scraps from the 2" square, so much more can still be used, hence the wip status, decisions, decisions! It was quite delightful to make and will be working and experimenting with more cold connections because it was SO fun!"
 July Challenge is:
"Chain, Beads and Texture"
Incorporate these three items in a jewelry item of your choice."
Reader Submission details:
Hello readers! We just require that you make your pieces specifically for these challenges.
Please post your photo link to your May piece in the comment area below in THIS post. We will take submissions until the last day of the month PST midnight, this is a firm deadline. 
Can't wait to see what you all create!
See you next month and thanks for taking the time to visit!
If you have any questions, please contact a *Monthly Challenge Blog Author below:
Disclaimer: Authors of the EtsyMetal Monthly Challenge have the right refuse your artwork submission to the post for any reason they see fit.

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