Wednesday, February 24, 2016

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 17 Progress Report 3

Countdown begins!  only 37 more days until these will be finished and in the hands of our Curator Michele Grady! She will then sort and pass the 9 charms out amongst the 7 participants. We always make 2 extra charms, one individual charm will be sold in the EtsyMetal Shop, and the other one will be getting attached onto a "Charm Holder" and on a Necklace for this round!
50% of the funds collected from these Charm Swap Bracelets and Necklaces will be donated to a Youth Arts Organization (tbd) to support budding young artists!

Below are the Artists participating in Charm Swap 17, 2016!
And some work-in-progress shots!
Michele Grady - Michele Grady Designs
"Playing around with my new die and trying to decide which animal to use in my charms. This is a photo of the die and the elephant head I embossed in silver sheet. It still needs work but I'm liking the idea!"

 Andrea Ring - Amuck Designs
"After cutting out this next layer and the stripes I think I will stamp the stripe pattern in the metal rather than cutting them out. I've also chosen to use citrine for the eyes this week."

Stacey Maddock - SMaddockDesigns
"Designing etsymetal charm and can't decide...leaf or no leaf?"
If you want to help Stacey decide you can comment here ;)

Nina Gibson - Nina Gibson Designs  
 "I ordered a tool too. It hasn't come in yet. I'll keep you posted. It has to travel a long way."
 Jessica Lopour - AbellaBlue  
"Sorry, nothing yet. But I should have something soon!" 
Victoria Takahashi - Experimetal 
"I have finally gotten my paper model to look correctly, not to figure out what size, then I'll shrink it down to teensy-weensie size and I will be ready to saw!"
Thank you and see you again in a few days for our next update!

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