Friday, January 1, 2016

December Monthly Challenge "Ink Blots"

Our December challenge was to make a piece inspired by Rorschach style ink blots.

At the bottom of this post is the "next months January theme," so stay tuned for more artwork from us and our readers!  I am posting a shout out for reader participation in our Monthly Challenges for 2016. Please read deadlines for submitting also below. Everyone is welcome! 

Brooch in progress by Leslie Zemenek

 Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal
"For this challenge I made a few old school inkblots and really made a mess, lol! My favorite was this skull like looking one, upside down it looks like a woman holding her skirts! I then proceeded on to taking a picture of my Orchids on my windowsill(much less messy!), then mirrored image in photoshop and it looked so insectual! I did not want to make insects or butterflies today bc I just recently finished butterfly earrings! So I used the abstract shapes for the backing of the top and center elements and then also will be using the skull image for the top front part. The bottom pieces were a shape from the Orchids too, but I changed my mind and am transforming them into feathers! I will add the finished earrings to this blog post later(added 2/12/16)
Thank you for reading our etsymetal team blog!"
  Earrings by Amuckdesign

  Brooch by Fenton design

Katy Joksch - Sterling and keum boo. 

The January monthly challenge is:

Albert Paley or H.R. Giger (or both)

For some inspiration by Giger check out the documentary "Darkstar"
Reader Submission details:
Hello readers! We just require that you make your pieces specifically for these challenges.
Please post your photo link to your Paley/Giger piece in the comment area below in THIS post. We will take submissions until the last day of the month PST midnight, this is a firm deadline. 
Can't wait to see what you all create!

See you next month and thanks for taking the time to visit!
If you have any questions, please contact *Monthly Challenge Blog Authors below:
*Disclaimer: Authors of the EtsyMetal Monthly Challenge have the right refuse your artwork submission to the post for any reason they see fit.


Beth Cyr said...

great pieces ladies! i'm sorry i didn't participate in this challenge, such a great one!!

Victoria Takahashi said...

its ok Beth! there's many more to come <3 Hope you find the time to join us, your work is fantastic!

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