Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 Monthly Challenge was "Spooky Haikooky!"

October 2015 Theme was: Spooky Haikooky!
Write a Hallows Eve based Haiku (5-7-5 syllable structure) and make a piece inspired by your Haiku, or simply just use a favorite authors Haiku for inspiration!
EtsyMetal Monthly Team Challenges are starting back up again, it is getting cold & blustery outside now and we will be hunkering down and working on new pieces and having lots more online fun on these coming chilly days! I, Victoria Takahashi, Andrea Ring & Anna Fell will be the new Monthly Theme coordinators, so if you have any questions please leave us a message.
Andrea Ring of Amuck Design 
Repurposed Devil Brooch out of Sterling Silver, Tins.
And she wrote her own Haiku. 
"He dressed for the night
Ready to spook and delight
Frightening all in sight"
Our second was Michele Grady of Michele Grady Designs
Skull Necklace made of Black Onyx skull and Sterling Silver.
And she too wrote her own Haiku.
"Ghosts and spooky things
Halloween is upon us
Waking up the dead"

 Anna Fell of Severin Metals
Oak Tree Crow & Moon Necklace made of Sterling Silver and Moonstone.
She also wrote her own Haiku.
"Moon glows through the trees
Whispering faint through the dawn
Awakens again"
(I) Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal on Etsy
Materials: Brass, Copper, Sterling Silver and more to come.
My Spooky Haikooky was written by Kest Schwartzman
"Most scary creatures
Just have an odd sense of style
They wear your worst thoughts"
I cried out to Kest for help with my Spooky Haikooky and she eagerly jumped right on task and gave me a hand, well actually, her little Doves wrote it for me. They wrote me (many) this Haikooky and I then after a lot of futzing and indecision began building my piece, still had some creative blocks to conquer but finally started and didn’t get quite finished in the time frame I wanted so I am posting it as a Work in Progress. It will get finished hopefully this week. I won’t explain how it works yet, but that's a hint. ;) If you want to see it later, keep an eye out on Kest’s post and it will show up there when it’s finished.
*next up*
The November 2015: Monthly Challenge is...
"TRASH to TREASURE; starting with the Letter T"
"Repurpose is the rage and one jeweler’s trash is another treasure. This month think outside the box by incorporating trash , recyclables and/or unconventional materials. Oh, and also the theme for your piece should begin with a word starting with the letter T! Here's a list of T words for your convenience!
Consider thrift stores, yard sales, or your own personal trash can for materials to create a piece of wearable jewelry out of something normally considered Trash! Here are some quick ideas for household items, broken or tossed items like cans, consumer packaging, broken plate, old clothing, dog hair, leaves & pine needles, costume jewelry. And there's always up-cycling from a Thrift Store as well. The sky is the limit! Most importantly is to just have fun with this challenge! 
See you next month and thanks for taking the time to visit!
If you have any questions, please contact:

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